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Machine printing in the 22nd century retains some of the old ways and Pressola embraces these historical processes to produce handcrafted stationery for discerning clients that like something a little different and without breaking the bank.

Foil printed letterheads are stamped by hand, holographic certificates of authenticity are lovingly created with a fusion of traditional and high-tech processes. Business cards can be crafted beyond expectations on any card stock including Colorplan and Vanguard, both paper mills are in the UK

Everyday printing for business pays the bills, printed flyers, business cards and labels can all be produced to suit most budgets. Are you keeping an eye on your printing bills, are you buying direct from the producing company? It’s not unusual for a simple foiled letterhead to be marked up 100% from the original price before it reaches the end client.

Invitations will be making a comeback after the pandemic, parties and soirées are back on. You will notice our designs can be very unique for the eccentric among us or traditional for more formal occasions. Our invitation work has been commissioned by galleries in Paris, party people in London and many fine businesses throughout the UK. Try us for bespoke wedding invitations.

Like everybody else we have concerns for the environment and do our very best to be plastic free. Our paper barcoded gift cards are a direct replacement for plastic cards that cannot be recycled and often come with ridiculous airmiles, as most plastic cards are printed in China.

Packaging although sturdy is kept to a minimum, if you find bubble wrap in your box it’s because someone sent it to us!

Please do use the contact form for any questions, we are great at answering emails. Phone calls not so much, machines are noisy and don’t like being switched off. We are very happy to call you!

Home page Pressola

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